All You Need to Know about Laser Therapy for Hair Loss


Struggling in preventing major hair loss or restoring your hair back? Your fights are all catered for by a simple laser therapy. This is a proved medical treatment that uses focused light. The light from the laser is tuned into waves directed to that specific part of the body. Laser therapy is used on other treatments such as destroying tumors, improving visions, relieving symptoms of cancer, treating pain and many others. On this topic, the focus is on treating hair loss due to aging or genetic causes or any other reason. There are many techniques used in treating hair loss but unluckily they are not clinically proven and most times they don’t work at the end. An effective laser therapy called low-level laser therapy, therefore, becomes one of the most recommended therapy in reducing hair loss and enhancing growth.

This therapy can be used by both men and women suffering from hair loss. A painless method altogether requiring a minimal time of assurance. It works in a way that inflammation is decreased by increasing the local blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles thus allowing hair to grow. One of the proven medical hair treatment for restoring hair when used correctly. For more information, you may also check

This therapy treats androgenic alopecia, normally a genetic condition where an individual experiences baldness on their head. It also treats individuals who have undergone operative transplanted hair to help it flourish and escalate the healing process.  To add to that, damaged hair by chemicals are easily repaired through this procedure.  This simple procedure can be done either at home or in salons. A schedule of 2-3 times a weeks without fail is recommended to have the best results in about 2-3 months.  All required is an overhead panel, bonnet or head caps and handheld devices for using during the operation, read more here!

In order to obtain the all-out hair restoration, it’s always advisable to start the procedure as early as one notices some hair loss. This is because the procedure only works on an active hair follicle, not the ones that are already dead. It is very effective in treating the thinner and weaker hair follicles by making them thicker and stronger. Thus making the hair healthy with high volume and increased elasticity. However, if any person needs to have such a treatment done its best to seek medical advice before starting any procedure. This is to ensure that the medical history is thoroughly checked to avoid health problems, discover more here!


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